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Recent News

July 17, 2016

Congrats to Meagan Curran and Vicki Hoang on their medals at the IBJJF World Championships, Gold and Silver respectively at the Blue belt level!!!

December 5, 2015

Amazing Toronto BJJ Annual. The Kids and Teens put on awesome displays of discipline, technique, and friendship. Our Adults competed with honor, and showed amazing skill. We congratulate the 100+ members who received well deserved belt promotions. Of particular note, 5 Black Belts were awarded to: Melissa Biscardi, John Stephen, Ryan O'Shea, Dainis Nguyen-Huu, and Darson Hemmings.

October 10, 2015

We won the IBJJF Toronto Open for a 4th straight year.  Winning the largest and most prestigious  tournaments in Eastern and Western Canada this year,combined with superior international results, makes it safe to our team (Ribeiro) and academy is the best in Canada for the 7th straight year. Good work everybbody lets keep it up!!!


October 3, 2015

Toronto BJJ's Kerry Marine, displayed the Hooft Kickboxing system very well in the ring tonight, Winning by second round TKO. A great show of support by all the students tonight showed that we are truly a team and a family. Special shout out to Chris sit for working the corner with Hillary.


December 13, 2014

Toronto BJJ Annual 2014 is a huge success with 9 members being promoted to Black Belt (Jon, Sandro, Steve, Mike, Mike Z, Fred, Rui, Nathan, and Eyal)!Toronto BJJ Annual 2014 is a huge success with 9 members being promoted to Black Belt (Jon, Sandro, Steve, Mike, Mike Z, Fred, Rui, Nathan, and Eyal)!

August 31, 2014

We swept through the Toronto Open, Ontario Open, and Five Grappling. This is the third straight year of winning all of the top tournaments. This also marks the 7th straight year of being clearly the best in Ontario. With a little luck we will make it a 6th straight year as the #1 acaedemy in the  country. We do all this yet manage to be a family academy where everyone can train and exceed their personal goals, while having a great time doing it.

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